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Looking to add intelligence to your existing business application or want to develop a new one? You are in the right place. Our AI-ML engineers will help you do that. We build AI-ML solutions that will save upto 30% cost on your overall business operations. We have expertise in working with tools, frameworks and technologies like TensorFlow, Apache SystemML, Caffe, Apache Mahout, OpenNN, Torch, Neuroph, Mycroft AI, etc. to foster business intelligence to diverse industry verticals.

Our aim to grow your business

Impress your customers with Artificial Intelligence

With enormous cloud computing power and data at scale, AI is becoming feasible and strategic for companies to improve their business models, decision-making, and operational performance for better results. There are more use cases than ever before to integrate AI services into applications or develop new intelligent applications to achieve business objectives. We help organizations realize these benefits with innovative future-ready applications.

How we work 

We work with you to identify and apply where artificial intelligence solves your business challenges. We provide more value with deep insights for quicker decision-making. Our typical process starts from data preparation (get data, integrate, clean, and transform to the needs) and model selection.

We train models, test, and optimize for the best results. We create scalable custom AI solutions for your ongoing needs. On the other hand, where necessary, we integrate AI services from industry-leading AI platforms to improve the intelligence of your applications.

People: Our team comprises experts in business analysis, artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning, data engineering, analytics, and cloud application development with proven skills, experience, and past successes.

Why Us?

What Sets Us Apart.

From conceptualization, feasibility assessment to design, development, testing, and release – we provide all the services that your business would expect from the best web development company in India.

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Quality Assurance

Our digital products and services are consistent with the strongest QA standards that stick to the guidelines. Save your organization's reputation, time, and money by working with us.

Website Development

Responsive Web Development

Our responsive web development strategies eliminate the need for coding and management efforts for multiple interfaces. This makes sure that your business runs efficiently on almost all platforms.


Agile Approach

We follow an Agile Scrum Methodology wherein we build the most important features of your business first and then come out with a potentially deliverable product that is high in value.


Awesome Designs

Keep your customers hooked to your website with the fascinating designs that we provide as our service. Ensure a reduced bounce rate and an increased engagement.

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Scalability & Security

Let your online business perform smoothly in high-demanding environments with the help of a robust architecture. We do this along with making sure that you have the utmost protection.


Experienced Teams

Our team consists of highly skilled and qualified engineers, designers, and architects who provide the best services in the least amount of time.


Modern Technology

Technology is a must for the survival of your business. But it is futile if the same technology is outdated. We at Ideamagix make use of the latest technology stack to keep your online business ahead of the game.


Maintenance & Support

We don't stop at the delivery of our products and services. Our team of dedicated engineers monitors your project on a timely basis, thus ensuring optimum performance.


Test-Driven Development

Before handing over the projects to our clients, we make sure that these projects have passed through multiple test environments. This ensures a final product that is answerable to all the demands made by our customers.